It’s a BIG WIN for Quincy Jones! The jury awards Him 9.4 Million from Michael Jackson’s Estate

The jury has made a decision and Quincy Jones is $9.4 million richer after he winning his royalties suit against Michael Jackson’s estate.

Quincy Jones had a victorious day in court when a jury sided with him in his royalty lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s estate. A jury awarded the legendary music producer — who produced MJ’s top selling albums, Off The Wall, Thrillerand Bad — $9.4 million in the trial against the estate. A ten-person jury had been deliberating since Monday over the case, which was filed over four years ago.

Quincy also felt like he was cheated out of royalties for the This Is It documentary that grossed over $500 million. The estate took $90 million, but Quincy was only paid $455,000.

It’s a far cry from the $30 million he was originally gunning for, but a win is a win. And it’s more than what the King of Pop’s estate said he was owed.


In the suit, Quincy claimed he was cheated out of royalties after MJ passed away in summer 2009. Once MJ passed away, there was a surge of interest in the projects, which increased sales of the albums and an increase in royalties. Quincy said MJ’s estate had been reaping the benefits from the royalties while he was left out of the loop.

So, Quincy didn’t get all that he felt he was owed, but he definitely received a come up.


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