Gabrille Union Opened Up On Experiencing Sexual Assault

Actress and author Gabrielle Union is coming to the defense of sexual assault victims.

In recent days, the 44-year-old has sounded off via Twitter amidst the launch of a social media c

Gabrielle Union

ampaign to highlight and empower victims of sexual assault and abuse.

Union opened up about her own experience as a rape survivor, in response to the call for sexual assault victims to speak out as a way to highlight how often it occurs.

Union said when she was 19 years old, she was raped at gunpoint. Post-traumatic stress syndrome kicked in-gear after seeing the hashtag #MeToo blow up on social media, she said.

Union said she feels strongly about keeping these conversations going, especially since victims are often told they provoked the advances.\

Union said she revealed many issues, including sexual assault, fertility and IVF challenges in her new memoir, “We’re Gonna Need More Wine,” in hopes others could relate.

“So many people with so many different issues feel like, ‘I’m the only one experiencing this. I’m screaming into a hurricane and no one is hearing me,'” Union said. “And this book is just reaching across [saying], ‘I got you, I hear you, I see you. You’re not alone. You’re not going crazy and you will get through this.'”

Source: ABC News

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