Ciara Fans thinks that Ciara’s BFF has a Crush on Russell Wilson. Where is CiCi?

Ciara’s hubby Russell Wilson asked CiCi’s BFF to sit on his lap on International Women’s Day–and she quickly obliged???

Well that woman, Yolonda Frederick who’s CiCi’s longtime girlfriend and makeup artist, is getting dragged to “1, 2 Step” for her actions.

The C-Squad is riled up not only over lap-gate, but for THIS old post of Russell on Yolonda’s page that she captioned “Lawd, have mercy.”

Mind you Yolonda did the grooming for the photo shoot so she could have been admiring her handiwork.

According to the C-Squad however, this post just proves what they’ve been suspecting; Yolonda’s got a not so secret crush on her friend’s man.

Yolanda’s not alone, Russell’s also getting blasted for letting Yolanda sit on his lap.

In case you were wondering, Yolonda’s a married woman.

Source: Bossip

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