Bernice Burgos Opens up about arguing with Tiny on Social Media + T.I Rumors

TI and Tiny Harris may now be in a good place, but folks haven’t let Bernice Burgos forget that she was linked to their marriage woes.

In fact, she appeared on The Breakfast Club earlier to address her rumored affair with TI and clashing with Tiny on social media.

According to Bernice, it’s all just one big misunderstanding.

When Charlamagne told her he was shocked she responded to Tiny on Instagram, Bernice said:

“Well I was shocked at myself too. I’m very disappointed in what I did. I’m not saying I don’t regret it but I learned from being on social media, social media sometimes will put you in a place that you like have to fight with people that you don’t know.”

Envy asked her why she replied and she said:

“Because I was listening to social media. So many lies…so many yeah you this, you that…like what? Wait a minute.”

She also claims that she didn’t have anything going on with TI and they only were introduced for business reasons:

“It was only for business. I got introduced for a movie.

“It was only for business. It was for a movie. Just because I’m pretty…just because I’m a so-called video vixen…stop this video vixen sh-t.”

Bernice also expressed that she hates being referred to as a video vixen and prefers the labels entrepreneur and urban model.



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